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Teaching Activities


"Team Venus" Faculty Advisor - Student Cluster Competition

  • Advised Pacific's inaugural team (and the first all-female team) participating in the Student Cluster Competition at SC'12 in Salt Lake City, UT.  Students learned fundamentals of high-performance computing, including hardware and software architecture, system administration, performance optimization, and visualization. Teams competed to run scientific simulations and benchmarks in the fastest time possible, while operating under a strict power budget.
  • Technical and financial support from Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory and Appro (now Cray Inc.)
  • See Also: SC'12 competition description, Pacific news article


Teaching Experience

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ECPE 170 - Computer Systems and Networks

  • This undergraduate-level class provides a behind-the-scenes investigation of hardware and software components in modern computing environments. Students apply this understanding to the development of robust, high-performance software applications.
  • Taught in Fall 2011, Spring 2012, Fall 2012 semesters
  • See Also: Course Website for past semesters

COMP / ECPE 177 - Computer Networking

  • This undergraduate-level class provides an overview of the network, transport, and application layers of contemporary computer networking systems. It includes socket programming projects in C on Linux systems and hands-on network configuration laboratory exercises using commercial switches and routers.
  • Taught in Fall 2010, Fall 2011 Fall 2012 semesters
  • See Also: Course Website for past semesters

COMP 293A - Cloud Computing

  • This graduate-level class focuses on cloud computing systems at two levels: their technological underpinnings (virtualization, middleware systems, and programming models), and the application of these systems to class projects in distributed and large-scale data processing.
  • Taught in Spring 2012 semester
  • See Also: Course Website for past semester

ECPE 293B - Network Systems Architecture

  • This graduate-level class focuses on the design and Implementation of network systems, including hardware and software architectures of network routers and servers.
  • Taught in Spring 2011 semester (at Pacific) and Spring 2008 / Spring 2009 semesters (at Rice)
  • See Also: Course Website (for version taught at Pacific)

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